Started collecting patches from national parks I’ve visited this year for a future project.  My little collection needs to continue to grow! Who’s down to go on a short trip soon!?
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What even was today?!
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Flying Goat espresso//neighbors pomegranate//Wild Flour wheat loaf//Backyard daliahs// ✺feelin’ it✺
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Dancing in the wind time lapse🔥🌀

Big kids cup. (at Flipside Bar & Burger)
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From National Geographic’s “Excursion to Enchantment”
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So very happy with my new piece by the talented @jodilyford 😍
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Waiting to get washed away🌊 (at Salt Point State Park)
16th Sep 201418:54

Lake Tahoe 1959
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African American flappers and Jazz Age women

There were many fabulous African American flappers. No wonder - it was African American musicians who put the Jazz in “The Jazz Age”! The Charleston dance iteself, which so epitomizes the era, made its debut in the all-Black musical “Runnin’ Wild”, and no one danced that flapper number better than Josephine Baker…save possibly for fellow Black artist Florence Mills, who claimed credit for inventing it (she said she debuted it in her “Plantation Revue” in the early 20s, developing it from a dance popular among slaves). The Charleston song was written by Black composer James P Johnson. Without women and girls like those above, the 1920s would never have roared.

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Opaque  by  andbamnan